Our Biscuits are baked fresh in a bright, modern baking facility using only the highest quality ingredients. We have a diverse line of Steck Foods brand Biscuits available, and are willing to develop new products specifically for you.


Stecks Foods bakes multiple varieties of biscuits in various weights and sizes. Not sure what you’re looking for? Contact us for custom formulations.

Great Any Way You Slice It

We offer several slicing and packaging options for our biscuits, including pillow pack, tray pack and bulk pack.

Pillow Pack

This option features sliced or unsliced biscuits in a pillow pack stacked inside a corrugated box.

Tray Pack

Choose from either sliced or unsliced biscuits packed in a white chipboard liner and then stacked inside a corrugated box.

Bulk Pack

Biscuits are packed inside a poly liner placed inside a corrugated box filled to weight specifications. We can also split biscuit tops and bottoms into separate boxes.

Shipping Options

19.75 x 12.875 x 7.5625

a. 63 cases per pallet
b. 7 cases per layer
c. 9 layers high

19.25 x 12.875 x 5.875

a. 63 cases per pallet
b. 7 cases per layer
c. 9 layers high

21.75 x 15.125 x 7.25

a. 50 cases per pallet
b. 5 cases per layer
c. 10 layers high

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