English Muffins

Our English Muffins are baked fresh in a bright, modern baking facility using only the highest quality ingredients. We have a diverse line of Steck Foods brand English muffins available, and are willing to develop new products specifically for you.


You’ll find ten varieties of standard Steck Foods English muffins, plus our staff is capable of creating new flavors and types for you upon request.

Great Any Way You Slice It

In addition to great flavors, Steck Foods is proud to offer three different convenient slicing options for you to choose from depending on your needs.

Fork Split

The conventional method of pre-slicing English muffins, leaving them slightly attached so that a knife or fork is required to completely slice the two halves.

Web Sliced

A method of slicing an English muffin so that the edges are completely separated but the middle is still attached so that the top and bottom stay together.

Slab Sliced

Offered for services that prefer the muffin top and muffin bottom to be completely separated into two pieces—convenient for sandwich production.

Packaging Options

Steck Foods knows that not all packaging works for all customers—or all muffins. That’s why we offer three types of packaging options in addition to custom packaging. If you have custom packaging needs, please contact us at 605-242-5006 or email us at customerservice@steckfoods.com.

Coin Packs

Hold either six or twelve English muffins stacked on top of each other. These packages are sold to retailers who choose English muffins sliced in the fork split or web  sliced styles.

Flat Packs

Hold twelve English muffins in a flat box style. These packages are sold to retailers who choose English muffins sliced in the slab sliced style.

Flat Pack Retail Packaging

Available only for six-count varieties sliced in the fork split or web sliced style. The muffins can be packaged with or without the box.

Shipping Options

14.5 x 11.125 x 7

a. 90 cases per pallet
b. 10 cases per layer
c. 9 layers high

22.0625 x 14.4375 x 3.625

a. 80 or 85 cases per pallet
b. 5 cases per layer
c. 16 or 17 layers high

21.75 x 15.125 x 7.25

a. 50 cases per pallet
b. 5 cases per layer
c. 10 layers high

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